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Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a condition treated by endocrinologists and is an extremely common disorder in the community. It can be associated with irregular periods, excessive hair growth, elevated testosterone levels on blood tests and multiple cysts in the ovaries. In the longer term, it can also present with fertility problems and is often associated with weight gain and also an increased risk of diabetes. The treatment of PCOS can involve dietary, exercise of medications to address weight gain and also hormonal therapies for irregular periods and infertility.

HRT involves the use of low dose oestrogen and/or progesterone and in a way can be considered as a low dose contraceptive pill - except, it cannot be used for contraception. HRT has a role in some women for the treatment of hot flushes and osteoporosis and can be an excellent treatment option. However, the risks of HRT needs to be considered for each women on an individual basis taking into account their risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.